Ulala Imai: Gathering (2nd Edition)

Ulala Imai, 2021
Hard Cover

Publisher: Baci

Dimensions: 10 x 8 1/8 in 25.4 x 20.4 cm

Pages: 80
Born in 1982, painter Ulala Imai is one of Japan’s most intriguing emerging artists.  With oil painting as her medium, she has created a repertoire of still life works ranging from classical subjects such as food and meals to narrative tableau arranged of stuffed animals enacting interpersonal relations and distinct emotions.  In her “Gathering” series, Imai depicts an assembly of cherished iconic character figurines, each representing widely-known narratives from decades of globalized popular culture.  
For this first publication about her work, the artist has selected more than 30 intimate views of her home environment and family life, depicted with uncanny light and humorous candor.   The first edition of this publication had a pineapple image and yellow text text on the cover.  The second edition republishes the same interior contents, with the image of a peach on the cover with and pink title text.

First edition: August 30, 2018 (Out of Print)
Second edition: April or May, 2021