Takuro Tamayama, Installation (Eclipse Dance), 2019

Attracted to the narratives which common objects can create in relationship with each other, Tamayama began staging objects and sculpture in room scaled installations as early as 2012. These immersive environments offer no linear means to comprehend Tamayama’s narrative, rather the environment is the decentralized narrative of symbols.  Often, tools of the mundane rituals of cleaning and grooming abandoned of its designated role anthropomorphize into alien objects. In absence of human presence, the mop, an abstracted marble figure, hybrid hamburger and sandwich statue, and combs imbedded in irregular concrete forms, all having some human resonance, occupy the human void.  In his recent works, Tamayama has utilized curtains to reorganize the space experience, and colored lights to saturate and destabilize the visual senses.  He produces long-form video and music, adding to the time and non-materiel dynamics of these constructed spaces. Tamayama’s new video installation, Eclipse was inspired by  Tiger Tateishi’s fascination with aliens, UFOs and outer space, as both artists construct alternate dimensions of illusions and fantasy. 


Takuro Tamayama was born in 1990, Gifu Prefecture, Japan. He lives and works in Tokyo. Tamayama was awarded first place in Aichi University of the Arts, 2012 Class Bachelors of Fine Art Graduate Project, 2013. Tamayama received a Masters Degree in Fine Arts from the Tokyo University of the Arts in 2015.  He is the recipient of Art Award Tokyo Marunouchi 2015 Shigeo Goto Award.  Tamayama’s developing oeuvre includes installations, video, music, wall-based and sculptural works, as well as collaborative installation projects for Nike and the fashion brand, Zucca. He has had numerous solo and group exhibitions in Japan including recent solo shows, Dirty Palace at Calm & Punk Gallery, 2018 and They Hardly Ever Stand Still at Talion Gallery, 2019, both in Tokyo. This is Tamayama’s first exhibition outside of Japan.

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