buttai 53, 2018


Miho Dohi was born in 1974 Nara-prefecture, Japan, and currently works and lives in Kanagawa. Her artistic practice was developed after completion of postgraduate studies at Tokyo Zokei University in 2002.

Dohi’s unique creative process is something of an ongoing experiment, leading to mastery over form and function of several media. Beginning with common materials – including fabric, yarn, paper and wood, along with metals such as brass, copper and wire – being manipulated by hand into abstract shapes, Dohi continues to connect the pieces of material – sometimes painted, carved or twisted – constantly changing direction as the objects tumble over as a result of their altered centers of gravity. This process is not complete until a new form the artist has never witnessed is observed, thereby creating new meaning for both industrial and natural materials. The resulting abstract artifacts, cerebral in nature, occupy an unspecified space thereby affording the viewer limitless interpretations of each sculpture.

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