Pick of the Week: Hosai Matsubayashi & Trevor Shimizu
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Sterling Ruby & Masaomi Yasunaga at Nonaka-Hill, Los Angeles
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Sterling Ruby and Masaomi Yasunaga at Nonaka-Hill
Art Viewer, October 5, 2020




Sterling Ruby and Masaomi Yasunaga
Air Mail, September 28, 2020



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Kaz Oshiro: ‘96375’; A Peaceful Oasis
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Kaz Oshiro: 96375
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Kaz Oshiro at Nonaka-Hill
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Kaz Oshiro at Nonaka-Hill
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Sofu Teshigahara at Nonaka-Hill
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Sofu Teshigahara at Nonaka-Hill
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Review: Artists of the Darkness and Light
While Tatsumi Hijikata and Eikoh Hosoe reflected the countercultural mood of Japan's postwar avant-garde, the trauma of World War II is inscribed in both artists' aesthetics.
Hyperallergic  November 30, 2019

Review: Dance genius, L.A. gallery Nonaka-Hill displays a show dedicated to the late Japanese butoh artist Tatsumi Hijikata
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Takuro Tamayama & Tiger Tateishi @ Nonaka-Hill in Los Angeles
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Takuro Tamayama and Tiger Tateishi at Nonaka-Hill
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Review: Tadaaki Kuwayama and Rakuko Naito at Adrian Rosenfeld Gallery
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Masaomi Yasunaga and Kunié Sugiura at Nonaka-Hill
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Group Show at Nonaka-Hill
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Miho Dohi at Nonaka-Hill
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Miho Dohi, Naotaka Hiro and Wataru Tominaga at Nonaka-Hill
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Miho Dohi at Nonaka-Hill
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Tadaaki Kuwayama at Nonaka-Hill
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Tadaaki Kuwayama at Nonaka-Hill
Contemporary Art Review Los Angeles (Carla) February 6, 2019

Kentaro Kawabata at Nonaka-Hill
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Kazuo Kadonaga at Nonaka-Hill
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Shomei Tomatsu at Nonaka-Hill
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  Kimiyo Mishima and Shomei Tomatsu at Nonaka-Hill
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