Busy Work at Home

April 10 - May 29, 2021



Hyperallergic: May 25, 2021

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Busy Work at Home

A group show from a mid-pandemic point of view; a sentimental journey for multitaskers and “A Celebration of Specialness”.


includes work by: BLESS, David Byrne, Aki Goto, Alice Hutchins, Studio of Maki Kinnosuke, Adelle Lutz, Enzo Mari, Ingo Maurer, Issey Miyake, Nintendo, Tomohisa Obana, Toru Otani, Joel Otterson, Tejo Remy, Alma Siedhoff-Buscher and Studio of Kamekichi Tsunajima.


Nonaka-Hill is pleased to share our fondness for tatebanko prints, produced in Japan during the Edo Period (1603-1868) through Meiji Restoration (1868 – 1912). These colorful images, usually depicting important buildings, historic battles, or Kabuki theatre scenes are segmented into multiple image composition parts, swirling in every direction to fill the page. By cutting around the periphery of the images, a small toy diorama could be set up. Perhaps tatebanko were meant to keep children’s little hands busy and minds stimulated while parents do “grown-up stuff”. From a 21st Century point of view, these 3 or 5 sheet suites appear Surreal or Abstract, but in their day, these notions barely existed. Now considered rare, it is a conundrum that the page must be destroyed for the 2D image to reach its 3D potential.


These tatebanko diorama print suites are the inspiration for our meandering exhibition, which stages artworks, design objects, costumes and garments, antique furnishings, film and video, camouflaging with “Wallscape” murals from Bless and a few room accents from Target to create tableau which may, for some, evoke diverse conditions experienced in our current Covid-19 pandemic.


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Installation Views