Tomohisa Obana


Tomohisa Obana, born and raised in Kyoto, is a graduate of the Kyoto Saga Art Junior College. His love for things made in nature—such as soil, trees, forests, and cliffs—which began at an early age, led him to his decision to choose a life path that would allow him to ‘lead a life handling soil or wood.’


At that time, he learned from Darren Damonte, who was active in Shirakashi, Iga City, for about two years, and worked part-time at a clay shop before going independent. He moved from Shigaraki to Iga, where he has a home and a kiln. He is a person who is dedicated to his pottery and sincere in his way of life.


At one point, he became so distressed about the meaning of his work, his relation with people and places, and the way things should be that he was not even able to touch clay.


His pieces emphasize ‘firing the clay,’ the origin of pottery, while communicating with the earth using his skill, knowledge, and senses.


His candidness and warmth are what make his work so attractive.


1983 Born in Kyoto

Live & works in Iga Japan

2005 Graduated from the Kyoto Saga University of Arts Junior College of Ceramics

2005 Study under Mr. Damonte at Iga, Mie Prefecture.

2007 Independent in Iga

2015 Kiln moved to Otowa, Iga City