Born 1981, Tochigi Prefecture, Japan

Founder of Edenworks, Tokyo, 2009 to present

Lives & works in Tokyo

Megumi Shinozaki is a contemporary floral artist using foliage as an intrinsic medium to create unique environmental and decorative works of art. Born 1981, in the Tochigi Prefecture, Japan, she is the founder of “edenworks”, Tokyo, 2009 to present and currently lives and works in Tokyo, Japan.


Shinozaki learned and studied natural foliage while working at a prominent flower shop in Tokyo, and after six years of experience she began to rethink her approach to creating terrestrial and foliage ensemble works. She saw and continues to explore the beauty within the process of preservation through naturally drying and presentation in non traditional form. Since then Shinozaki has been working independently as a floral artist. In 2015, Shinozaki opened edenworks bedroom, which stands as a limited availability floral arrangement shop in Tokyo's Yoyogi Uehara neighborhood and in 2017, opened EW.Pharmacy in Yoyogi-hachiman, Tokyo. EW.Pharmacy acts as a bespoke flower shop by allowing customers to consult with appointed staff to create their own dried flower arrangements based on Shinozaki's practice.


Shinozaki applies her unique sensibility of combining flowers, plants, and other terrestrial elements in the form of  individual arrangements, site specific works, store display, specialty brand collaborations, ad campaigns, musical artist videos, films, and product packaging.


In 2017, “PAPER EDEN”, was the first of her paper flower artworks, which inspires her current approach, considering every instance of a flower's life cycle into a more thoughtful future of exchange between humans and natural life.

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