Megumi Shinozaki: PAPER EDEN

November 14, 2020 - January 23, 2021
Born in Tochigi Prefecture in 1981.
Lives & works in Tokyo
Founded by the president of edenworks. Discovering the possibility of flowers with an original sensibility, she uses plants and various items to create various creations related to flowers such as store decorations, window displays, magazines, advertisements, commercials, music videos, movies, product packages, and collaborations with fashion labels.
1981 Born in Tochigi, Japan. 1997 Self-taught in dressmaking since high school. 2002 Self-taught about flowers while working at a flower shop in Tokyo for about 6 years. 2009 Independent as a flower creator. 2015 “edenworks bedroom”, a weekend-only flower shop, opens in Tokyo's Yoyogi Uehara. 2017 “EW. Pharmacy” opened in Yoyogi-hachiman, Tokyo, where customers can make their
own original mixes based on the concept of mixing at a dispensing pharmacy. 2017 “PAPER EDEN”, a paper flower project, was launched. 2019 Opened “PLANT by edenworks” in Tomigaya, Tokyo, a concept shop that considers what to leave behind for the future without throwing away flowers.
Installation Views