1906 Born in Fukiage town, Saitama Prefecture


1927 Failed the entrance exam of Tokyo Academy of Fine Arts


1935 Exhibited at the 1st Dainibu-kai but was shocked by the suicide of his friend who was not being selected


1948 Joined Tenseki-kai (a group of Kyoto, Kobe and Osaka ba sed artists and scholars) through Sugimoto Kenkichi.Met Hasegawa Saburo at the Tenseki-ka i and was greatly affected by himin terms of shaping and mental side,and later on changed his style to abstract painting


1950 Published an article Genshi to Sho [Primitive and Calligraphy], and continue the discussion of painting theorywith Hasegawa Saburo


1952 Founded Genbi [Contemporary Art Discussion Group] with Tsutaka Waichi, Yoshihara Jiro, Ueki Shigeru,Yamazaki Takao, Nakamura Makoto, and Tanaka Kenzo


1970 Became the illustrator of Asahi Weekly serial column ‘Kaido wo yuku’ [On the roads] and visited a lot of placeswith the autor Shiba Ryōtarō


1981 Published the original picture collection of ‘Kaido wo yuku.’


1984 Published a gouache collection Watakushi no Mandara - Suda Kokuta no sekai [My Mandala: the World ofSuda Kokuta] and a book entitled Watakushi no zokei: Gendai bijutsu [My Shaping: Modern Art]


1990 Passed away at the age of 84